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Pradeep Debata | Linking Innovation Practice within Incumbent Firms to Strategy & Finance - with a focus on AI

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      Linking Innovation Practice within Incumbent Firms to Strategy & Finance - with a focus on AI

      Managing innovation within an incumbent is a challenging area as balancing the investment with outcome has significant temporal tension. The threat from big tech as well as industry competition makes disruption and digital transformation to the board meeting discussions yet combining strategic uncertainty with annual goals create several challenges. AI, as with several other technologies, have been an important area of focus within Innovation practices within incumbents. However, AI is also very distinctive in its potential to help automate decision-making both in-house as well as for the clients, making it a potential candidate for several applications. In this session we will consider a generic model for the innovation function, discuss how the innovation outcomes can be linked to cost of capital for the firm before considering specific challenges around AI and how it’s linked to a firm’s strategy.


      Pradeep Debata is a senior researcher at the Cambridge Judge Business School working with BT in their Next Generation Converged Digital Infrastructure (
      He has an MPhil in Real Estate Finance and an MBA from the University of Cambridge and is currently reading for a part-time PhD at the Institute for manufacturing (IfM) focusing on the AI Strategy. He spent most of his professional career in financial services, at the Reserve Bank of India (New Delhi) followed by Nomura and JPMorgan (London), contributing to the development of global valuation benchmarks in the financial services industry with significant experience in conceptualising and risk managing processes where humans must rely on data and models to make significant business decisions.
      Most recently he has worked as a management consultant, as the Director of Accelerate East, in the tech innovation space in the UK with clients such as Satellite Application Catapult, Transport Systems Catapult, IBI Consulting, Transport for West Midlands, and Cantab Risk.
      Pradeep has co-authored a global survey report on Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption within Financial Services in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance. He has previously contributed to books in the finance publications and frequently delivers lectures and workshops to both executives and university students.

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