Open Innovation Forum pitching event:

Early bird finalists announced

Twelve exciting innovators have been selected to pitch their solutions to help global food and drink companies such as Mars, PepsiCo, Suntory, Cargill, Twinings and 15 others tackle key challenges of health, hunger, climate and sustainability.

The early bird finalists are:


COLIPI develops biotech processes to synthesise carbon gas (GHG) neutral plant oil alternatives which are the foundation for more sustainable consumer goods. Applying single cell microbial production processes, COLIPI create value at zero land use (no deforestation) and zero carbon footprint.

Entropix Ltd

Entropix Ltd is a UK biotech company that specializes in the development of enzymes with improved performance. The Company aims to improve the sustainability of plastics by developing enzymes that are capable of degrading plastic products that would otherwise become litter or landfill.

Foodpairing Nv

Foodpairing Nv is a data-science and business intelligence company connecting the right data, algorithms and insights to predict successful products. Pioneering in the digitization of food data and flavor, Foodpairing is helping consumers to understand their flavor preferences and producers to develop better products.


Horizon offers digital labels for products that provide highly-localised recycling, reuse or composting instructions.


Intellegens is a machine learning software company spun out of Cambridge University with a unique approach to handling industrial and experimental data to optimise material, chemical and formulation design.


Kelpi is a world-leading sustainable materials innovation business – harnessing the properties of seaweed to create compostable, marine-safe, low-carbon bioplastic packaging.

Mysteria Colorum – MyCol

MyCol d.o.o. is start-up working in development of the temperature-sensitive labels, both for cold supply chain and for manufacturing processes.

Nextek Limited

Nextek provides expertise in the design, optimisation, processing and recycling of plastics materials to deliver small and large-scale projects that “add value” to waste and recycled materials.


Founded in the UK in 2019, Nourished has developed patented 3D printing technology to create the world’s first truly personalised gummy vitamin.

Nucaps Nanotechnology, S.L

Nucaps Nanotechnology, S.L offer a new encapsulation technology for the industrial development of Nanocapsules and Biocapsules for bioactives and probiotics.

ReCon2 Limited

ReCon2 Limited are a University of Manchester not-for-profit spin-out company that provides a low cost, simple, and reliable method of quantifying recycled content in plastic products and packaging.

Todos Technologies

Todos Technologies develops special Infra-Red sensors that are used as sensors for Gas sensing (GMOS), Thermal sensing (TMOS), and more.


Meanwhile, there are still twelve further places to be won in the final event, taking place virtually on 1 December 2022, but you need to move quickly – entries close 11 November. There is no cost to enter or to participate – what are you waiting for – enter now!