Manufacturing sustainability: practical steps towards an efficient future

The Centre for Industrial Sustainability has worked over 350 companies worldwide, helping them to become more sustainable. This webinar provides examples of why sustainability makes business sense and how manufacturers can generate new value whilst reducing waste.

Why sustainability makes business sense (4:18)

Professor Steve Evans, Head of the Centre for Industrial Sustainability

Steve discusses the logic that links sustainability to business success, key elements of the Centre’s experience in helping businesses, provide practical insight on what works well and some of the pitfalls. 

AB Sugar case study: using circular economy approaches to convert waste into value (19:55)

Gary Punter, Industrial Fellow, Centre for Industrial Sustainability

Gary explains how during his time at AB Sugar the business created a no waste biorefinery at their factory in Wissington, UK. He explains how the process of making sustainability pay led them to set up the largest medicinal cannabis factory in the world.

Q&A  – How to tackle sustainability in your organisation (31:16)

Joined by Ian Bamford, Commercial Director, Centre for Industrial Sustainability, Steve and Gary answer some of the most pressing sustainability questions posed by listeners.

Recorded on 25 March 2020

Webinar moderators: Ian Bamford and Rob Driver