Jonathan Hughes

Industrial Associate
IfM Engage

Jonathan Hughes

Industrial Associate
IfM Engage

Jonathan Hughes is an Industrial Associate with a strong focus on strategy development and technology roadmapping. He has been with the IfM for twenty years, having worked with a wide variety of companies, sectors and governments in that time.


In his role as an Industrial Associate, Jonathan assists clients to progress in the following areas:

  • Creation of effective and far-reaching strategic plans
    • Integration of existing initiatives and new benchmarking
      • Development of technology and innovation roadmaps at multiple levels
        • Project management and co-ordination of large, complex initiatives

        Jonathan has experience in a number of areas, but has specific interest in national industrial strategies and high-value manufacturing, particularly the aerospace and automotive sectors.


        Prior to becoming an Industrial Associate, Jonathan spent years as a researcher and Policy Fellow in the IfM, working in the Distributed Information and Automation Laboratory and subsequently in the Centre for Economics and Policy. His recent work has a more digital focus, with specific reference to logistics and supply chain management.

        Jonathan gained degrees in Philosophy and languages before joining the Engineering Department, attending university in Edinburgh and Toulouse before coming to Cambridge.

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