Manufacturing sustainability: Identifying and eliminating waste

The Centre for Industrial Sustainability has worked over 350 companies worldwide, helping them to become more sustainable. This webinar draws on their experience and expertise in helping manufacturers identify and then reduce waste.

The power of waste – Professor Steve Evans (2:30)

Steve will highlight why waste is the place to start when considering sustainability, covering a compelling business case for every organisation to pay attention to it right now.

Using existing data to find waste – Dr Daniel Summerbell (5:50)

Daniel will discuss the data you should be looking at and techniques you can use that will give you a new perspective on waste across your organisation. Armed with this information, you will have the basis to present a compelling business case on how your organisation can profit from cutting waste. He will also point to freely available resources that you can use to inspire your next steps in identifying waste in your organisation.

Getting everyone interested in waste – Gary Punter (15:15)

In our previous webinar Gary outlined his involvement in AB Sugar’s industry-leading circular economy approach creating a no-waste biorefinery. In this section of the webinar, he will give a fascinating insight into the human side of convincing everyone inside the organisation of their mantra ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. Gary will cover:

  • How to get people to pay attention when sustainability isn’t at the top of the organisation’s priorities
  • How to involve people across the organisation and help them understand how and where they can contribute
  • Some of the skills you need to lead sustainability initiatives, including creativity, passion, perseverance and sometimes sheer doggedness


What if every factory matched the best in its own sector? Professor Steve Evans (27:00)

Steve considers what the potential prize looks like if organisations strive to match the best in class for their sector.

Q&A  – How to tackle sustainability in your organisation (31:16)

Steve, Daniel and Gary answer some of the most pressing sustainability questions posed by the audience.

Recorded on 6 May 2020