Future cities: informing strategy towards secure, sustainable and smart cities

Two experts in smart cities take part in this IfM webinar, providing an overview of some of the global drivers and challenges that should be accounted for in the development of future urban ecosystems.

Dr Diana Khripko, Senior Solution Development Specialist, IfM Engage (5:11)

Diana gives an overview of the webinar and introduces the speakers

Professor Jung Hoon Lee, Visiting Academic Fellow, IfM, University of Cambridge (5:11 – 23:30)

Professor Lee is recognised as one of the leading smart city experts and author of a Smart Cities Index Report published bi-annually. The report is a study of 31 cities around the globe, including New York, Moscow, Seoul and London, reviewing the effectiveness of innovation, service development and infrastructure projects. Ahead of publishing this year’s jointly published report with IfM Engage, Professor Lee highlights common challenges and key findings that can inform strategic planning for future cities.

Dr Alexander Schlüter, innovation manager and book author, E.ON Digital Technology (24:00 – 46:00)

Dr Schlüter provides insights into the energy systems that will be required to make cities and rural areas more sustainable and smart. He will also highlight the main drivers that are accelerating the energy transition, as well as covering technological solutions that could contribute to the decarbonisation of energy systems

Q&A  – (46:00 – 58:00)

Professor Jung Hoon Lee and Dr Alexander Schlüter reply to questions from the audience.


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