Expanding horizons: Using AI in Roadmapping

In this webinar we cover:

  • how AI can help to extract data from text to populate roadmaps.
  • the steps that you need to put in place to use AI to pre-populate roadmaps.
  • the application of Chat-GPT from a real-world use case in an AgeTech firm’s roadmapping process, including the impressive results achieved in data utilisation.
  • a use case in hybrid vehicle roadmapping, demonstrating the effectiveness of AI in uncovering new topics and substantiating key issues.

Webinar agenda:

  • Welcome and speaker introduction (00:00-01:41)
  • Introduction to roadmapping and AI (01:42-13:45)
  • Pre-population of roadmaps using AI (13:45-42:19)
  • Discussion and Q&A (42:19-58:23)

Speakers: Dr Diana Khripko, Andre Gomes and Maicon Oliveira


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