Navigating the sustainability transition: A case study from UK horticulture

Hosted by the Strategic Technology Innovation Management (STIM) Consortium, in this webinar we look at the complexities of the sustainability transition and explore practical methodologies for achieving this goal, introducing a structured approach for evaluating technologies.

Key points for the session include:

  • The importance of taking a systems-thinking approach to sustainability transitions
  • Evaluating the impact of new technologies in ecosystems
  • Developing a diverse portfolio of solutions for sustainable transition
  • Integrating technology analysis into strategic planning processes

This is presented by sharing a recent case study on defining a decarbonisation pathway for energy systems in UK horticulture, offering practical insights into applying these methodologies in real-world scenarios.

Webinar agenda:

  • Welcome and introduction to STIM (00:00-04:39)
  • Presentation (04:39-44:39)
  • Discussion and Q&A (44:40-57:17)


Speaker: Dr Diana Khripko



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