Future cities: Strategy implications for the energy transition

This webinar looks at factors cities and municipalities need to consider when planning for the energy transition. Highlighting the key issues and steps that can be taken by those responsible for planning this process.

We are joined by Dr Simon Bennett from the International Energy Agency who presents insights from his work on the World Energy Outlook. Followed by a presentation by Dr Diana Khripko on the work of the ACCESS project which includes four pilot projects in cities across Europe that looked at the adoption of low-carbon energy grid developments.

Webinar agenda:

Welcome and Introduction to the IfM and IfM Engage, Kimberley Page (0:17-02:05)

Host welcome and speaker introductions: Professor Jung Hoon Lee (02:06-03:30)

Global energy systems in times of transition and disruption: Dr Simon Bennett (03:31-26:53)

How to address future uncertainties in municipal energy transition: Dr Diana Khripko (27:16-49:20)

Overview of IfM Smart Cities short course: Professor Jung Hoon Lee (49:25-50:39)

Q&A  – (50:40-1:02:52)


Short course: Strategic planning and strategy implementation

This course covers topics such as:

How to define a smart city vision and strategy?

How to measure the success of the strategy implementation?

How can new technologies improve strategic planning and deliver on objectives?

Insights article

This article highlights a case study from the City of Malmö in Sweden. IfM Engage has been helping them to refine their strategy for the energy transition and evaluate how a pilot project addresses the UN Sustainable Development Goals and other climate targets.