The power of roadmaps in the real world

This webinar brings together three of the most respected experts in roadmapping research and practice: Rob Phaal (Institute for Manufacturing), Olivier de Weck (MIT) and Sven Schimpf (Fraunhofer Institute).

Hosted by the Strategic Technology Innovation Management (STIM) Consortium, our panel of experts offer valuable insights into the world of roadmapping.

The main focus of the webinar will be exploring how roadmapping is being applied in the real world based on the results of a 2023 Roadmapping Field Study. The field study was developed in partnership between Fraunhofer Group for Innovation Research, IfM, University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT and TIM Consulting.

Webinar agenda:

Welcome and introduction to STIM (00:00-03:36)

Presentation followed by Q&A and discussion (from 03:36):

  • Application areas and content
  • Organisational integration
  • Information sources, methods and tools
  • Success factors


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